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  • Felicity Gibbins says:

    That sounds a brilliant plan for the gallery ..I will look forward to seeing it one day !
    Best wishes to you all ..
    Felicity Gibbins
    ( One of John’s cousins )

  • Felicity Gibbins says:

    I am so pleased for you ! Roll on the day I can come and see for real ….

  • Sue Cox says:

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to be there.

  • Pat Barton says:

    That’s wonderful. Well done to all concerned, for achieving the funding, planning , and getting the job done. It will be so comfortable up there, winter and summer. (Remember those scorching hot days last summer?)

  • Laura Barton says:

    That is wonderful news! Well done for securing funding. Thank you to The Arts Society Woodbridge, and Deben Frames.

  • Helen Dwyer says:

    That sounds wonderful!