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  • Felicity Gibbins says:

    That sounds a brilliant plan for the gallery ..I will look forward to seeing it one day !
    Best wishes to you all ..
    Felicity Gibbins
    ( One of John’s cousins )

  • Felicity Gibbins says:

    I am so pleased for you ! Roll on the day I can come and see for real ….

  • Sue Cox says:

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to be there.

  • Pat Barton says:

    That’s wonderful. Well done to all concerned, for achieving the funding, planning , and getting the job done. It will be so comfortable up there, winter and summer. (Remember those scorching hot days last summer?)

  • Laura Barton says:

    That is wonderful news! Well done for securing funding. Thank you to The Arts Society Woodbridge, and Deben Frames.

  • Helen Dwyer says:

    That sounds wonderful!

  • Suzie Liddell says:

    We came to visit you and the Suffolk Craft Society exhibition last Friday afternoon and felt very sad that the design of the area outside your building had been so badly thought through that the rainwater from the flash storm had flooded into the Shed.
    We hope all your amazing work in progress has not been damaged, and the rainwater run-off problem can be solved very soon.

    • bryan_knibbs says:

      Thank you Suzie
      We are investigating what can be done to future proof the area, to stop further inundations.
      Did you get to see the exhibition. If you did what did you think of it and the Gallery.

  • julia Jones says:

    If you’d like to write a few paragraphs about the progress of this project and share some pictures in the Deben magazine we’d be delighted to hear from you. I’m the editor, copy deadline is August 31st — an congratulations on what you’re achieving

    • bryan_knibbs says:

      Hi Julia
      Thanks for getting on touch. we would love to have a spot in your magazine.
      I will send over some copy in the next few days and some pictures of the amazing work that our people are doing from my WRT email address.
      Kind regards

  • Pat Barton says:

    Wonderful news!
    Now we can all see the improvements to the gallery, and the work the ships company have been able to do in spite of all Covid restraints. Determined efforts.. Congratulations.

  • Mrs Valerie Le Marchand says:

    Why no reply to earlier requests

  • Marilyn says:

    Date and time? Cake sale

    • bryan_knibbs says:

      Hello Marilyn.
      The date is the 25th September between 2.00 and 5.00 pm in the Longshed Gallery.
      I will make sure that the information is added to the post Thank you.